About Jerde

The Jerde Partnership is a visionary architecture and urban planning firm that designs unique places that people love to visit and go back to time and again. Nearly one billion people visit Jerde Places every year.

Located around the globe, Jerde Places are iconic, go to destinations that pulse with life through a carefully orchestrated procession of public spaces, shops, parks, restaurants, entertainment, housing and nature. They transform the economic and social landscape of neighborhoods, cities and regions and deliver astounding results across the board – economic success and recognition for developers, businesses and cities and amazing experiences for the people who work, eat, stay, shop, play, wander and live there.

More than 100 Jerde Places are open in cities around the world

Jerde Places cross continents, leaving positive imprints in cities including Budapest, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Osaka, Rotterdam, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Istanbul, Warsaw and Dubai.

The firm's global journey began in 1977, when founder Jon Jerde, FAIA, broke from conventional architects who focus on advancing architectural forms to pioneer the creation of memorable places where people can gather and experience a sense of community.

That singular founding vision of Jerde Placemaking continues to inform the firms work today, propelled by the passion of its leadership team and over 100 dedicated staff members from all over the world.

Since 1977, The Jerde Partnership has grown into a multi-disciplinary, international design studio headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Seoul. Approximately one quarter of Jerde's designers were born outside of the United States in diverse places such as El Salvador, Canada, China, Croatia, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and more.

Jerde's design talent possesses individual and collective passions about what they do, working closely together to bring a diversity of cultural backgrounds and ideas to continually evolve the global application of Jerde Placemaking.

The firms expertise has expanded beyond its retail and entertainment roots to include hotels, casinos and resorts; residential complexes; office and commercial facilities; transit-oriented mixed-use hubs; major urban districts; waterfronts; town centers; community plans; and visionary master plans. The firm partners with clients to conceptualize big ideas for each venue that will become a powerful economic and social engine.