Statement Regarding Superior Court's Ruling in Favor of JERDE:

8月 03, 2018

Janice Jerde was a board member and Chief Operating Officer of our company from 2005-2013.  She was involved in all company decisions with complete transparency as we transitioned from sole ownership to a shareholder structure.  Janice agreed to and signed a buyout agreement, and JERDE fully compensated her under that agreement in 2013.  

Regretfully, in October 2015, Janice sued JERDE based on unsubstantiated accusations regarding the value of the company and withholding personal property.  Following a comprehensive review of the facts, Ernst & Young confirmed the purchase price was correct in a binding accounting-arbitration held in December 2016.    

In both 2013 and 2015, Janice walked through our company headquarters and identified specific items she wanted, including our founder Jon Jerde’s original artwork and furniture. JERDE gave Janice more than 2,000 items from our office.

In July of this year, the Superior Court ruled that JERDE provided Janice with all the items she requested, many of which were company-owned materials.    

Not withstanding Janice’s lawsuit, we are all grateful for the friendship, wonderful memories and legacy that Jon Jerde has left us as we celebrate JERDE’s 40th Anniversary this year.