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Adolphus Hotel Renovation

  • Dallas, Texas 1982

In 1912, The Adolphus, a landmark, five-star hotel in downtown Dallas, had a celebrated opening. Just two years earlier, Adolphus Busch, head of the Anheuser-Busch empire, had offered to buy the prominent site and build the 20-story hotel, which was dubbed by the American Institute of Architects as the most beautiful building west of Venice. A preferred destination of political, social and entertainment whos whos, The Adolphus was wildly successful. In fact, just four years after opening, a new hotel tower was added, and two more towers followed over the years. The individual expansions had re­sulted in a disconnected design, so in 1981 Jerde was approached to design a renovation that would unite the expansions with the original structure while preserving the grandeur of the historic hotel. Jerde applied a new exterior design to the additions and unified their public areas with interior finishes matching the original hotel. Additionally, Jerde knocked off the top of one of the towers to create multiple luxury rooftop terraces. The result is a cohesive design that makes the expansions read as a single unit that both compliments and is set apart from the beloved original tower.

Client: Westgroup Inc., New England Mutual Life Insurance
Design Architect: JERDE

Project Uses:
  • Hospitality

Adolphus Hotel Renovation

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Adolphus Hotel Renovation


  • 1982Design AwardAmerican Institute of Architects, Dallas Chapter