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Agile Gardens South Village

  • Guangzhou, China 2002
  • 790 acres

When Agile Holdings Co., Ltd., one of South China’s largest housing developers, decided to build a large residential plan in the southern suburb of Guangzhou, The Jerde Partnership broke the Asian mold, giving the people of China something new by creating a resort-style town center as the cultural heart of a master planned residential neighborhood. To create an urban community for 100,000 residents in Guangzhou, Jerde blended into the middle- to upper-class district a town center incorporating special features such as a communal clubhouse with elegant swimming facilities, a retail shopping street, and a lakeside restaurant for residents and visitors alike.

Client: Agile (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

Project Uses:
  • Open/Public Space
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Residential
  • Community Facilities

Agile Gardens South Village

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