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City7 Mall

  • Changwon, South Korea 2008
  • Site Area: 14.6 acres

The City 7 Mall creates a new destination for the city of Changwon. Designed as a new parkscape that integrates into the natural condition of the city, the project blurs the boundaries between the natural and the built environments. The open-air project features office, hotel and living spaces above lively retail and dining areas that create key pedestrian connections between adjacent uses, such as the convention center, residential communities, and the river. The mixed-use nature of The City 7 Mall establishes a vital district with 24-hour activity that will help attract international tenants and appeal to the residents of Changwon. It will further energize the city and serve as a model for responsible urban development in and around Chang­won. Changwon City 7 was envisioned as a mixed-use complex that combines retail and enter­tain­ment along with a hotel, offices, and office-tel living units. To create a new urban identity and symbol of civic pride for the city of Changwon, Jerde designed the project’s five-level retail and ent­ertain­ment base with a focus on nature that connects its districts, links it to surrounding uses and reflects the city’s special character. Organic forms, vibrant open spaces, water, and landscaping are blended to create the project’s identity.

Client: Dosi & Saram
Design Architect: JERDE
Architect of Record: A-GROUP, Seoul

Project Uses:
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Office

City7 Mall

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