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Donkin Street Precinct Vision Plan

  • Brisbane, Australia 2014

Donkin Street Precinct sits at the edge of the riverfront in the neighborhood of West End, a district characterized by a strong sense of community within the city of Brisbane.

The site is defined by a unique positioning and soft programming ideas in order to enhance the quality of living and lifestyle, while emphasizing the concept of creating an extended-hour public living room for the community.

To distinguish the project from its local competitors, Donkin Street Precinct will possess a unique identity as a must-visit destination that captures the authentic neighborhood and surrounding context. Creating a continuous loop of riverfront experiences, a multi-level complex with multi-anchor clusters will activate Brisbane's newest living destination.

Client: Point Corp. Development
Concept Vision & Predevelopment: JERDE

Project Uses:
  • Open/Public Space
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Hospitality
  • Community Facilities
  • Education
  • Office

Donkin Street Precinct Vision Plan

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