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Getz Entertainment District

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands 2008
  • Total Building Area: 80,000 sq m.

The GETZ Entertainment Center is conceived as a world-class urban entertainment destination that combines lively entertainment, cutting-edge technology and modern design. GETZ merges retail, a cultural and performing arts venue, an adventure zone, restaurants, a casino, residential units and a hotel into an urban entertainment environment that provides an exciting and memorable experience for visitors and local citizens. GETZ is an integral component of a larger master plan for the Southeast district of Amsterdam. The master plan seeks to create a vibrant community that thrives with cultural, economic and social activity. The area will function as a second city center, complementing the historic heart of Amsterdam. GETZ, as a global entertainment destination that fully integrates itself into the existing entertainment venues along Arena Boulevard, acts as a catalyst in realizing this vision. The master plan intends to both link and rejuvenate the two divided sections of the Southeast district: Arena Boulevard, an area known for its sports and entertainment venues and commercial space, will be woven together with the retail area Amsterdamse Poort and the Bijlmer residential district. Sunlight guides the design concept as a major design tool, and was utilized in carving light-filled terraces into a three-level podium. The multi-level podium is delicately integrated into the site’s context with an expansive central plaza that opens onto the main boulevard. Envisioned as naturally illuminated Sky Plazas, the terraces rise above the central plaza, creating an urban theater with performance areas for various public and community functions. The terraces organically composed forms create an entertaining and vibrant setting. A self-ventilating canopy, inspired by the Dutch greenhouse skylight systems, covers the terraces while also infusing them with natural light. Adding to the strong sense of vitality and excitement that emanates throughout the project are a series of functional plug-ins embedded in the podium. The plug-ins rectangular forms function as large, translucent entertainment spaces that glow with activity, contributing to GETZ’s feeling of lightness and the idea that the project is truly “alive”.

Client: OMC A Cooper Between ING Real Estate, Ballast Nedam and BAM Vastgoed
Design Architect: JERDE

Project Uses:
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Hospitality
  • Culture

Getz Entertainment District

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