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Grand Canal Place

  • Hangzhou, China 2017
  • 394,000 sq m

Grand Canal Place is a mixed-use, multi-phased project that integrates retail, residential, hospitality, office, and bountiful public open space to create a new central hub for the community. The project presents a city within a city, a nestled set of districts that offer users a variety of distinctly designed destinations within the 74,000 square meter site area. The Central Plaza is the major organizing element, connecting the shopping arcade, residences, city park, and main street. The latter is the shopping street that creates the truly urban district, lined with luxury shops, upscale restaurants and cafes. City Park terraces up from the Central Plaza, integrating with the Arcade vertically, and capturing its roof to provide a landscape park as an escape from the Hangzhou City Center. The Arcade, an interior arching shopping street lit with natural sunlight through skylights, is a pedestrian street that offers the best in lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, cinemas. Over a dozen sculptures are placed throughout the project, adding to the sense of discovery and encouraging exploration. Inspired by Hangzhou’s cultural significance and evolving image, Grand Canal City is designed to entice visitors, promote a rich pedestrian experience, and generate social interaction among visitors.

Total GFA: 394,000 SM

Site Area: 74,000 SM

Project Uses:
  • Retail
  • Culture

Grand Canal Place

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