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Museum Square Office

  • Los Angeles, California 2014
  • Total Building Area: 253,962 sq ft

Consisting of approximately 530,000 square feet, the existing Museum Square is an 11-story amenity rich building in the heart of the Miracle Mile business district including banking, concierge, conferencing facility, convenience store, dry cleaning and restaurants. The restaurants are a vibrant lunchtime destination for the surrounding district and offer food service with outdoor seating areas. The Museum Square building houses some of the most prestigious entertainment companies including the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

The proposed adjacent office building’s unique location and its relationship between the Los Angeles Museum of Art and the existing Museum Square inspires a contextual, concept based design solution, featuring floating orthogonal volumes that articulate the office space along its frontage on Curson Avenue. Offering sensitivity to the residential units to the north side of the property, the glass façade integrates screening as an element to soften the building face while offering a subtle privacy veil that benefit both the neighboring units and the office tenants. Further care with a generous setback on the northern property line and a green landscaping pull the park edge into the Museum Square ground plane. As an book end to LACMA's series of art buildings, the proposed Museum Square Office Building offers a formalized backdrop to the Art Park while enhancing the surrounding public spaces by concealing the existing parking garage within the lot. 

Client: J.H. Snyder Co.
Design Architect: JERDE

Museum Square Office

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