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Sacramento Railyards

  • Sacramento, California 2003
  • Site Area: 240 acres

It is on the Sacramento Railyards that the western terminus of the trans­continental railroad was established in 1863. To support the rail­road const­ruction, a large ind­us­trial complex called the Central Shops was con­structed on the site. However, with neglected buildings and env­ir­on­mental contamination resulting from decades of indust­rial use, the blighted area of the Railyards remained for a long time an empty spot right in the middle of the City. In 2002, when Union Pacific decided to sell the abandoned 240-acre Railyards, a prime opportunity arose to expand downtown Sacramento northward, over the railroad tracks.

The primary objective of the master plan for the Sacramento Railyards was to create a place that would bring lasting social, cultural and economic value to Sacramento. The Master Plan creates a dense, sustainable, mixed-use part of town. Up to 10,000 new homes, together with offices, shops, restaurants, civic and cultural functions are provided. The plan was designed based on principles of sustainable urban planning. A dense mix of functions, strong emphasis on the design of quality open spaces and connectivity with different modes of transportation encourages walking and biking, supporting active public spaces. Major streets bridge over the railroad tracks to connect downtown Sacramento with the Railyards seamlessly. A network of open spaces connects the Railyards with the riverfront of the Sacramento River.

Client: Millennia Associates
Master Planner: JERDE

Project Uses:
  • Open/Public Space
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Residential
  • Community Facilities
  • Culture
  • Transportation
  • Office

Sacramento Railyards

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