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Village Park Sakalidis

  • Athens, Greece 2000
  • Site Area: 42 hectares | Total Building Area: 36,000 sq m.

Village Roadshow expanded into the western suburbs with the development of Village Park, an unprecedented dev­elopment for Athens, where there are no shopping centre complexes. The largest such leisure park in Greece, the three-level, open-air complex can acc­omm­odate 50,000 guests. Village Park has 20 cinema screens with 4,516 seats. The theatres boast the latest in design and technology, am­ong the features being digital sound, wall­to-wall screens, stadium seating and love seats. The project also features a 4,600-square meter retail component featuring 45 specialty shops, inc­luding music, books, clothing, and 4,750 square meters of bars and rest­aurants. Major international brands, such as Mango, Benetton, Levis, Virgin Megastore, Nike, Timberland, Swatch, KFC, Pizza Hut and Planet Hollywood, are a strong attraction for the inc­reasingly affluent Greek youth. Yet, everyone, from families to teen­agers, enjoy the novelty of free parking, open spaces, credit-card bookings and no intermission.

Client: Village Roadshow

Project Uses:
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining

Village Park Sakalidis

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