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Wuxi Jincheng Harbor District

  • Wuxi, China 2004
  • Site Area: 350 acres

The proposed Master Plan for the Jincheng Harbor Commercial Dev­elop­ment maximizes the spatial qualities of the area, capitalizes on its unique location on the south part of Lihu Lake and establishes a solid complementary land use strategy. The Jincheng Harbor Waterfront Development is the first step in the development of the southern part of Lihu Lake. The Harbor is designed as an attractive waterfront environment and center for commercial activities. The estab­lish­ment of the harbor in the first phase of development is essential to the success of the larger area, as it will provide a center and an identity to the south side of Lihu Lake. Furthermore, the plan of the harbor is laid out as a variety of attractive urban spaces that connect the larger public venues at each end of the harbor: the Performing Arts and Conference Center on the west side and the Cultural and Future Museums and Eco Tower on the east end. Both buildings have public plazas in the front. These serve as larger gathering spaces and arrival or visitor dropoff places for the larger venues. A third plaza is located in the middle of the harbor as a resting place in between the two ends, or as a central lookout spot into the harbor.

Client: Shanghai Narada Real Estate Co. Ltd.
Master Planner: JERDE
Residential Planner and Landscape Design: SWA Group

Project Uses:
  • Open/Public Space
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Residential
  • Community Facilities
  • Culture

Wuxi Jincheng Harbor District

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