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Zirakpur Town Master Plan

  • Chandigarh, India 2008
  • Site Area : 1125 acres

The town center is the middle of the commercial area and acts as the heart of the community. All portions of the commercial zone are located in close proximity and incorporate a direct connection to the town center. This synergistic layout reduces traveling distances, ultimately making for a healthy, pedestrian-friendly environment. The town center in its entirety is intended to produce a lifestyle offering where work, shop, play and living environments intertwine. To further enhance this desired lifestyle, all functions of the commercial area are only a short walking distance away and linked by weather protected connections and footbridges. The importance of a pedestrian-friendly downtown is perhaps best highlighted in the middle of the town center, where vast open space are reserved for pedestrians only and cars are restricted. An active retail environment is combined with quality indoor and outdoor public spaces, culminating in a central green that epitomizes the very nucleus of the community. 

Clients: Shipra Estate Ltd., Chandigarh Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Master Planner: JERDE

Project Uses:
  • Open/Public Space
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Community Facilities
  • Culture
  • Office