Distrito Armida

Monterrey, Mexico

Distrito Armida Ip

Situated in the south-eastern edges of San Pedro Garza Garcia, the future location of Distrito Armida is uniquely positioned to create an essential, lively and unique offering. As the first phase of the multi-parcel master plan, Parcel 7 will form the entertainment and commercial hub of Distrito Armida, and set the stage for future development. An iconic office tower sits on a commercial podium full of shops, restaurants and attractive outdoor spaces. A school supports the office program, and serves to attract future residents to the district. A unique exposition venue creates a focal point and centerpiece to the project, activating it beyond the typical workday. A hotel occupies the east of the site, and benefits from the synergy presented with the office, entertainment, food and beverage and retail. Parcel 7 serves as a highly visible “signpost” for the entire district, as it is situated on the main thoroughfare Ave Lazaro Cardenas. The beautifully sleek and modern office tower is the most visible landmark of the site. It gently reflects its surroundings while beckoning passersby to the project. With a unique mix of offerings, Parcel 7 will be a community-driven destination unlike any other in Monterrey.

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