Memorable experiences come from the space between.

Each JERDE architectural design project comes to life through the collective input from our experienced team of strategists, architects, designers, and creative thinkers. Our holistic strategy integrates cultural research and experiential design, creating unique destinations with a layered sense of discovery.

01 Pre-Design and Development Services
02 Masterplanning
03 Programming/urbanCORE
04 Architectural Design
05 Landscape
06 Interiors

Pre-Design and Development Services

We offer pre-development design services to developers, owners, and investors who seek to maximize the value of their assets through unique project positioning. In addition to establishing essential project parameters, we explore experiential ways to connect users through innovative programming and placemaking strategies.

  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Programming
  • Project Visualization
  • Design Support During Entitlement Phase



Our masterplanning design services for architecture is rooted in a rigorous process aimed at identifying the unique relationship of the project site to local and regional surroundings. We focus on establishing connectivity to existing urban and regional frameworks and creating community and urban districts with heightened destination value. Our planning process considers long-term growth, flexibility, and adaptability to achieve responsive and sustainable developments. The result is a vibrant community that provides residents and visitors meaningful connection with each other and their environment.

  • Site Visioning
  • Development Strategies
  • Entitlement Package
  • Full Master Plan Design Package


Programming is often approached as a functional list of uses and tenants that a project must meet the needs of, established by standardized market research and leasing practices.  JERDE approaches programming in a much broader way that includes:

  1. A thorough review and discussion about the Client's goals and objectives
  2. A holistic analysis of the history and unique identity of the site
  3. The development of an experiential narrative establishing core placemaking principles that will differentiate and guide development of the project

Out of this approach, we established the urbanCORE studio to help Clients that are interested in taking a more in depth look at how JERDE programming concepts can maximize the destination value and success to their projects, including how existing assets can best be repositioned to stay ahead of a changing market.

  • Origin and Historical Research
  • Contextual Analysis
  • Market Opportunity Studies
  • Program Mix Strategies
  • Open Space Activation Concepts
  • Project Identity and Narrative Concepts

Architectural Design

We maximize a project's potential by adding depth and richness to the narrative of each interior and exterior space, weaving architectural elements, landscape, lighting, and art into a cohesive experience. We create built environments benchmarked to today's needs as well as the future, that appeal to modern sensibilities on an interpersonal level. Our design services include architecture for new construction, renovation, and adaptive re-use across various typologies, including mixed-use, retail, residential, hospitality, commercial office, sports & entertainment venues, and transit-oriented developments.

  • Project Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Renovation & Repurposing

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JERDE promotes the importance of open space in all communities as a vital aspect of life in the contemporary urban environment. Landscape and architectural design are integrated with strategies for activating the public realm, providing a continuous and varied experiential journey. Our projects emphasize the connection between people & nature as a key factor in creating places



At JERDE, interior design is an outgrowth of our work - an extension of our collective commitment to placemaking, people, and curiosity. Our one-of-a-kind interior environments are a natural extension of, and complement to, the experiential architectural design driving the rest of the project. Our architects and interior specialists combine efforts to maximize a project's success and adaptability. This leads to the creation of dynamic and inventive interior spaces that - combined with the programmatic research and analysis of our urbanCORE team - help drive the differentiation of a project's DNA, setting it apart from competitors. This holistic approach to the project allows us to create multi-layered places that evoke wonder, ensure functionality, and prioritize the human experience. We are a top interior design firm who has won numerous awards like the Best International Interior Design Award.