A diverse group of thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

Over the years, we've developed a multidisciplinary team of experts ready to take on projects of any shape, size, or style. Our design principals lead projects from beginning to completion — working holistically with our ambitious teams.

Executive Staff

Peter Priebe

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Liu

Shareholder, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, China, Board Secretary

Phil Kim

Shareholder, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Board Chair

Joe Marando

Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Karolina Camarillo

Associate, Director of Project Accounting

Joy Oshinomi

Corporate Controller

Kandace Scarlett

Associate, Contract Manager

Ariana Gadd

Human Resources Manager

Business Development

Jacky Cheng

Vice President, Director of Project Development, Asia Pacific

James Chew

Director of Business Development, Southeast Asia

Spencer Hanley

Business Development Manager, US

Andrés Shapiro

Business Development Manager, Latin America

Senior Design Staff

Technical Design

Phil Ciminelli

Vice President, Senior Project Technical Designer

Project Design

Ethan Jeong

Vice President, Senior Project Designer

Kevin Ly

Vice President, Senior Project Designer

Derek Chao

Vice President, Senior Project Designer

Oleg Kiselev

Senior Associate, Senior Project Designer

Johan Seilie

Associate, Senior Project Designer

Jennifer Hsu

Associate, Senior Project Designer

Mary Anne Palmer

Senior Associate, Senior Interiors Designer

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