• Kawagoe 4
  • Kawagoe 3
  • Kawagoe 2


  • Kawagoe, Japan 2020
  • 29,000 sq m

With a total GFA of 29,000 sqm., the urban catalyst project will serve as a transit hub that features offices, hotel, retail, f&b, and public space. Program is broken up by stacking the hotel on top of the office and the retail. To make the building operate at more comfortable scale, each programmatic block will have its own elevation strategy. By analyzing the program through the lens of occupant type, we arrive at two categories, the visitor and the local. The visitor is impermanent and will mostly frequent the hotel and the retail, while the local is a fixture and will come to the office for work or the retail area to shop. The differentiated elevations will communicate the target destinations for the various visitors. The tower’s elevation emphasizes verticality and creates an axis organizing the immediate neighborhood.