Erin Pinette

Erin Pinette

Vice President, Design Principal

Bachelor of Architecture, Woodbury University

LEED Accredited Professional

Erin Bio

Erin joined the firm after graduating from Woodbury University in 2004. She started her career working in JERDE's model shop as a new graduate and has since worked her way up the ranks to Design Principal.  For the past 18 years at JERDE, she has garnered invaluable experience, working on projects all over the world and establishing herself as a multidisciplinary designer. 



Bio Pt 2

Her breadth of experience focusing on landscape, urban and masterplanning, architecture, and interiors has made her an incredible asset to the firm. She is known for her ability to jump into any project to help elevate the design and resolve complicated technical problems. As a designer, Erin excels at taking the time to truly understand each client's needs, deep diving into research, and looking at each project analytically to improve the overall site and community experience, while exceeding client expectations.

"Every project provides an opportunity to better improve where we live, work, and create memories. Whether it's master planning, architecture, landscape, or interior design – we can use our expertise and understanding of sustainability to create healthier places for people and the planet."

Bio Pt 3

Erin's dedication to design excellence, sustainability, and attention to detail has allowed her to expand her design base much beyond architecture. Erin's personal ethos and experience complements the firm's core philosophy of creating integrated and activated public spaces that deliver compelling environments for people. Approaching each project as a multi-faceted and multidisciplinary challenge, Erin seeks to create cohesive, encompassing, immersive environments that craft a narrative story, integrate art, respect the environment, and create humane spaces for living and working.

Erin Philosophy

Erin's true passion lies in sustainability and implementing green practices within the firm's designs. Specifically, hydrological sustainability is near and dear to her heart as an LA native. Dedicated to being ecologically minded, her education and experience with sustainability impacts the way she approaches design on an intuitive level. This ideology has provided her with a deep understanding of how we use resources and how it impacts the land and communities we live in. Erin is LEED certified and played a huge role in helping to develop the firm's sustainability approach. She has worked on several large-scale sustainable mixed-use projects, ranging from a "Sponge City" masterplan to an "Eco-Pods" ecological office complex.

Erin Sketching
Personal Tidbit

In her free time, Erin enjoys spending quality time in nature and nurturing her inner biologist / botanist / geologist. Nerding out about native flora and fauna, local hydrology, and medicinal plants is also a favorite pastime!