Danny Ha

Danny Ha

Vice President, Design Principal

Bachelor of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture


Since joining JERDE in 2002, Danny has captured JERDE's signature approach of designing 'the space between' and blended it with his own authentic style and understanding of how visitors will interact with a space. As one of the firm's rising Design Principals, his expertise exists in his ability to maneuverer between creative and technical, while always having a collaborative mindset.

We don't design things. We design experiences.

Danny Ha, Senior Design Principal
Danny experience

Danny has worked on many urban development projects in various stages, from concept to detailed design and construction. Danny is also chief liaison for many of JERDE's international projects. His diverse background – being born in Seoul and fluent in Korean - provides a global-citizen component that is well suited to JERDE's international capacity. Danny excels at coordinating communications between JERDE's HQ design team and foreign clients, executive architects, and other project stakeholders.

When we emphasize our projects being for the community, how do we express that in a way that it is about people? So I simply put people in the middle of the project, curious to see how it could benefit the project and the user.

Danny Ha, Senior Design Principal
Danny pic 2 w/ personal tidbit

In his free time, Danny enjoys photography and capturing precious moments. For him, it's not about the scene but the story. He also takes pleasure in listening to a wide range of music which is a great source of inspiration. His passion for travel lies in the experiential aspect, he loves experiences different cultures to difference, similarity, and uniqueness of people and how we are unified in our differences.  

Danny also has a knack for entertaining - recently, his 10-year-old son unexpectedly asked him to sing a BTS song, Dynamite. While he didn't know all the words, he relied on his comedic chops and to deliver the family performance – it was a hit! Danny always makes a point of living in the present and relishing in sweet moments.