Tammy McKerrow-Poulos

Tammy McKerrow-Poulos

Shareholder, Senior Vice President, Senior Design Principal

DAAP Design, Architecture, Art, Planning as Multi-Disciplinary Design and Architecture Degree, University of Cincinnati 

Advanced Art, Institute, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Extended Cultural Arts and Drawing, Otis Parsons


For over 30 years, Tammy has been a dynamic driving force of JERDE's evolution. She began her tenure at JERDE working under the creative mentorship of Jon Jerde and was quickly selected as a key designer to illustrate his visionary masterplans. Today, she is one of the firm's lead design principals and the architect behind many of the firm's most notable projects. Tammy has extensive experience working on projects all over the world, from large-scale to mixed-use, and urban design to architecture strategy. Her design style is truly an extension of herself - bold and pragmatic. Tammy loves purposeful design and finding new and creative solutions to architectural challenges.

People are evolving, social space is evolving... we study how people really use these types of projects and how they become more than what you originally designed them to be.

Tammy McKerrow-Poulos, Senior Design Principal
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Using sustainability as a guideline, Tammy's design concepts pay homage to the local culture while creating a transformative environment that benefits both the client and the community. She believes in engaging with cities at all levels of design, and connecting people to place through the craft of architectural choreography. Her ideas are always people driven and pedestrian-friendly, with a focus on social and economic success. She is a master at creating prosperous places with modest design budgets. Tammy's expertise, vision, and innate passion continues to drive JERDE's growth and push the boundaries of traditional design. 

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In her free time, Tammy loves to travel and learn about new places and people. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family, and nurturing her explorative spirit via water sports, skiing, and tennis – she's always up for an adventure!