Eduardo Lopez

Eduardo Lopez

Shareholder, Senior Vice President, Senior Design Principal

Bachelor of Arts, Urban Studies, Cal-Poly Pomona

Ed Bio

Since 1995, Ed has played an active role in shaping JERDE into the visionary firm that it is today. His keen ability to apply his passion for the arts to JERDE's people-forward philosophy of placemaking has resulted in creating some of JERDE's most unique and transformative places. Ed's thoughtful, inventive, and playful brand of design is evident in each of his projects. His concepts possess a sense of whimsical wonder, all while being highly functional and multifaceted.

We call it a choreographed journey. We feel that you can carefully direct and orchestrate moments along the way, for people to discover. We like to bring all these layers of lighting, water, landscape, graphics – to create rich environments that are orchestrated to create that moment.

Eduardo Lopez, SVP, Senior Design Principal
Ed Experience

Ed was a catalyst in the company's evolution as a predominantly retail-oriented firm, to one that leads the field in integrated mixed-use projects. During his time at JERDE he has successfully led design and consultant teams, providing design direction and leadership on a variety of projects and building types in the U.S., Asia, Japan, and Europe. Ed continuously expands the firm's vision through his unique process and architectural concepts.

Ed personal tidbit / design philosophy

From a young age, Ed was exposed to many artistic mediums and outlets. His father's innate creativity fostered an environment that embraced and valued artistry. The smell of fresh paint, various paint brushes and tools, and vibrant murals were all part of his day-to-day life. His upbringing ignited his passion for art and design and set the stage for developing his craft.


Personal tidbit / design philosophy
Personal tidbit / design philosophy

In addition to the arts, travel and experiencing different cultures has made a tremendous impact on Ed's personal design philosophy. Seeing how people live and interact with places all over the world has given him valuable insight. His travels have shaped his vision and continuously drive him to create inviting and exciting places - designed for people.